Mission Statement: Heritage Days is a local organization dedicated to offering Waverly and the surrounding area a festival of activities promoting its heritage, talents, and greatest asset– it’s fellow citizens.

Waverly Heritage Days started out as “Heritagefest” as an October celebration offering a car club show, German brats, brat pizza, German beer, potato pancakes and desserts, pumpkin carving, hay rides, craft sale, Nachwanderung (night hike), Wartburg’s athletics and Renaissance Fair, music and dancing attracting thousands. Heritagefest was later moved to mid-September. In 1995 the celebration was renamed “Waverly Heritage Days” and in 1996 it was moved to mid-July.

Throughout the years, hundreds of volunteers have helped host a variety of memorable activities, with the parade as the staple of the festival. Now, big bands entertain large crowds and fireworks light up the sky, giving the community more reasons to gather and celebrate.