First Annual Heritage Days Co-ed Single Elimination Kickball Tournament

In the event of bad weather please check our website, Facebook event page, or call Jess at: 319-404-2482

If the event is cancelled on Saturday, July 18th due to bad weather it will be rescheduled for Sunday, July 19th.

All team captains must check in at the registration table to get tournament brackets and umpire duties.  Brackets will be posted on our website after registrations are turned in.  Each team will need multiple copies of their batting order.  Teams must turn in one line up to the registration table.

Please email waverlyheritagedays [at] gmail [dot] com if you are unable to print a tournament packet.


Heritage Days Activities:

There will be many family activities going on during the tournament.  The beer tent will be open at 12:00.  We will also have light concession stand open with water and Gatorade throughout the tournament.


Tournament Prize:

The winning team will receive 2 beverage tickets (Gatorade or Beer) per person on the roster that participates in the tournament.  Each person will need to present an ID to claim their prize at the ticket stand following the final game.  Those under the age of 21 will receive 2 Gatorades.

  1. The first 8 paid teams will be accepted into the tournament.
  2. Each team must be co-ed with at least 3 women on the field at all times.  Each team may have a maximum of 12 players on their roster allowing for substitutes.  Only 10 players are allowed to play in the game and be in the batting order.
  3. Each game will be 45 minutes or 5 innings, whichever comes first. If it is the middle of an inning at the 45 minute mark, then the inning must be completed.
  4. Umpires have the final say, no arguing or an automatic out is given to your team.
  5. Team captains must turn in their score to the pool play table at the end of each game.
  6. Umpires: Each team will provide an umpire to officiate in a separate game, these will be determined once the brackets have been made.

Kickball Tournament Rules

Start Time:

  1. Games must begin on time.
  2. Players should arrive 10 minutes early before their scheduled game.
  3. There will be a 5 minute grace period for a team to get the required number of players present. For each minute past game time the team that is ready to play, with the required number of players, will earn 1 run for every two minutes the opposing team is late/not ready to play.  At the end of 5 minutes the score will be 2-0.


  1. Each team will need to provide a scorekeeper for their team. They will sit at the score table for the entire game.


Home Team

  1. Every game the home team is determined by a flip of the coin that will take place by the two team captains.
  2. The visiting team kicks first.


  1. Ten defensive players are allowed on the field: Pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, right fielder, center fielder, left fielder, and the extra player (commonly known as the rover and often used as a fourth outfielder).
  2. Each team must play with a minimum of 3 female players on the field at all times. The catcher position is not included in the 3 female player requirements.
  3. Every team must have a minimum of 9 players on the field at all time.
  4. If 9 players are not on the field then an automatic out is given at the 10th kicker spot.
  5. If there are fewer than 8 players, a forfeit is given. At bat an out is given for each missing teammate fewer than 10 (2 outs given when only 8 players are present).
  6. Team rosters should have 10 or more players, all over the age of 18.


  1. Each team may have 2 substitutes on their team roster.
  2. Substitutes are allowed to go into the batting order in the same place as the person they are playing for, may not change batting order.
  3. Substitutes may only play for one player per game. The original player may only go back in for the person who substituted for them and may only enter one additional time. Substitute may not enter the game again once they come back in.

The Pitcher

  1. Pitchers will be members of the batting team, and catchers will be members of the fielding team. Pitchers don’t have to be listed as one of the batters in the lineup, so there can be a designated pitcher who never bats.
  2. A pitcher beginning the game gets five (5) warm-up pitches. A pitcher beginning innings 2-5 gets one (1) warm-up pitch. Mid-inning replacement pitchers get no warm-ups. Pitchers may only be changed for new batters.
  1. The pitcher must start the act of pitching within at least one foot of the pitching mound and must have at least one foot on or directly behind the pitching strip when releasing the ball. No part of the pitcher’s foot may be in front of or across the front edge of the pitching strip.

The Pitch

  1. Balls must be pitched underhand.
  2. The ball must bounce or hit the ground twice before arriving at home plate.
  3. Legal pitches must be rolled from the pitching mound to the plate without stopping, and the kicker must not make contact with the ball prior to the pitch touching the plate.
  1. No strike outs or walks. Kicker must kick the ball fair in three pitches or the Kicker will be out.
  2. Pitcher shall wait until fielding team is ready before delivering the pitch.
  3. If a pitcher purposely interferes with a kicked ball the kicking team will be given an out.

No Pitch

  1. No pitch shall be declared when the pitcher pitches during a suspension of play, or when the pitcher attempts a quick return of the ball before the defense is ready. Ball is dead and all play is suspended.


  1. Team line-up must be established at the beginning of each game.
  2. All kicks must be made by the foot or leg, below the knee. Any ball touched below the knee is a kick.
  3. All kicks must occur at or behind the home plate. An out will be called if the player kicks in front of the plate.
  4. Any kick landing in fair territory but traveling out of bounds before reaching the 1st or third baseline is considered foul.

Kicker is Out When:

  1. If the official kicking order is not followed.
  2. If the kicker attempts to hinder the catcher from fielding or throwing the ball.
  3. If the kicker bunts the ball.
  4. If the kicker makes contact with the ball before the ball reaches the plate.
  5. Kicks the ball and it hits the “offensive” pitcher, or if the pitcher interferes with the defense while trying to make a play.
  6. Kicker is struck by the ball thrown by a defensive player. A player struck in the head will not be out!
  7. Any kicked ball that is caught in fair or foul territory is considered out.

Base Runners

  1. A runner touched by a ball while not on a base at any time is considered an out. A player struck in the head will not be out!
  2. Runners must stay within the base line. Any runner outside the base line will be called out. Fielders must stay out of the base line. The runner is out if the runner interferes with the play being made at a base or if the runner fails to avoid a fielder attempting to field a kicked ball.
  3. Stealing (advancing to the next base) is not allowed if the pitch is not kicked. Any runner who is off their base before the ball is kicked will be called out. If the runner leaves the base before the kicker contacts the ball. No base stealing allowed. No leading off.
  4. Hitting a runner above the shoulder level is not allowed, except when the runner is sliding. Runners intentionally using their head to block or deflect the ball will be called out, if so called by the Referee.
  5. An out will be called if the runner passes a preceding base runner before such runner has been legally put out, the passer is out and the ball is still in play.
  6. The runner will be out if the runner deliberately slides or dives into any base with intent to cause injury to the fielder, they are automatically declared out and ejected from the game.
  7. If it is a close play the runner must slide and avoid contact.
  8. Sliding is allowed for all bases except 1st and must be feet first.

Ties & Forfeits 

  1. If a tie occurs at end of 45 minutes: Each team elects two players, one to pitch and one to kick. One teammate will pitch it to the other teammate to kick. The longest kick of the two teams wins.
  2. If a game is forfeited — due to the failure of a team to show up, a refusal to play, or not having enough players to start — the score will be recorded as 7-0 in favor of the team that did not cause the forfeit.

Umpires Guidelines 
Umpires will use the rules that were previously stated and these additional ones below.

  1. Umpire will use a coin to flip before each game to determine who the home team is and who the visiting team is.
  2. Any ball that is hit and bounces over the outfield fence, or rolls underneath it, is a dead ball and the kicker gets a ground rule double.
  3. Umpires will be the official timekeepers and will give a 15 minute warning to show the 45 minute time is coming to an end.
  4. Any base runner who initiates contact with the catcher at home plate will be ejected from the game.

Metal cleats are prohibited: Only soft or hard rubber cleats may be used, along with turf shoes or sneakers.
Kickballs will be provided for the games.
Teams will provide any other equipment they may want.


Each team will be assigned a color.  We are asking your team to wear a shirt of that color to help our Umpires determine teams.